Inevifit Body Analyzer Scale Review

The Inevifit Body Analyzer Scale comes with a modern design fit for home use. The scale is capable of measuring your weight as a traditional device. But it can also measure your body fat percentage, the water level in the body, the muscle mass, the bone mass and the basal metabolic rate. This makes the scale one of the complex and affordable choices on the market for the dedicated fitness user. With up to 10 user profiles, the scale might be the perfect option for the whole family.

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  • Complex reading which includes bone mass
  • Auto ON and OFF function
  • Auto recognition function


  • No reset function on profile


The scale is one of the better-equipped choices at this price range. It comes with accurate readings and can be one of the best choices for the dedicated fitness user. If you`re looking to monitor all essential areas of the body, the device can be one of the best options for you and your whole family.

The scale comes with advanced features such as the bone mass reading. This can give you an indication on the healthiness of your bones and could potentially be used by aging people as well, as they tend to lose bone density in time. The scale is also capable of calculating your basal metabolic rate. Together with the body fat reading, the device represents one of the best solutions in terms of body monitoring. Many users have also seen that the device comes with good accuracy in this range.

This is why it can be a good tool for up to 10 users. The good news is that it can recognize the user since it can memorize the weight and characteristics of each user. With the auto ON and OFF function, you will be able to save some battery life as well.

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The scale comes with a beautiful and modern design. The black design is perfect for every bathroom but you will have to make sure there is a flat surface to make accurate readings. With the backlit LCD display, you will be able to enjoy a better experience with improved materials. The scale`s design is also quite robust. You will be able to use the scale with a weight of up to 180kg which is more than enough for most users. With premium materials and a good warranty, the product can represent one of the best options for the modern fitness enthusiast.

The Inevifit Body Analyzer Scale can be one of the best choices if you are looking for performance with an affordable price. Unlike other similar scales, the Body Analyzer stands out both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of performance. You will be able to use the scale in your bathroom without any issues. With critical readings for bone and muscle mass and an accurate measurement of body fat, the scale can represent a tempting solution if you are serious about fitness and health.

Inevifit Body Analyzer Scale Review
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