innotech high accuracy digital bathroom scaleInnotech Digital Bathroom Scale Review

The Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale comes with one of the most modern designs on the market. Its simple design can be a reminder that bathroom scales don`t have to be full of lights, color and metal insertions to be considered up to date. The Innotech High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale comes in a simple color but is very powerful. It can perform automatic calibration whenever necessary, making it one of the most accurate choices, especially in the affordable range. The scale is perfect for simple readings with a backlit LCD display which can be the highlight of the bathroom.

innotech high accuracy digital bathroom scale review


  • Beautiful simple design
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 400lbs weight capacity
  • Automatic calibration


  • Needs perfectly even floor for accuracy


The Innotech Bathroom Scale performs very well as most users will agree with. The manufacturer obviously places significant focus on the user experience and with impressive support, it manages to innotech bathroom scale reviewssatisfy the users of simple scales which have been disappointed too many times. The scale can measure your weight with impressive accuracy.

The Innotech Bathroom Scale device is capable of automatic calibration. This might be necessary when you move the scale to another surface, another room or simply when you lift the scale. The truth is, that for the best results you will need to find a perfectly flat area. A flat floor is the perfect surface to improve accuracy to a very satisfying level. If you want to get the best results you will also need to get quality batteries which can power the backlit LCD screen.

The scale is also very durable. Although limited in advanced functions, it has good physical properties. This is why it can be used by users of up to 400lbs. This is more than enough to cover most potential users. The scale is perfect for multiple family members as it has the strength to tackle all types of weights.

innotech scale reviews


In terms of design, there’s nothing more than can be said about the simple white and modern look of the Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale. It is very rare to find such a premium finish in this price range and this is why so many customers are happy with the scale. It becomes not only an accessory in the bathroom, but a device to be proud about. With so many other alternatives on the market, design can be one of the featuresinnotech digital bathroom scale reviews which set a scale apart from all the rest of the models.

The Innotech Digital Bathroom Weight Scale is one of the modern and efficient scales for home use. It would best suit a user who places a strong emphasis on accurate readings and on beautiful designs. With large and backlit LCD screen, the Innotech scale can become a premium device in the bathroom. But you will have to ensure you find a flat surface to make the scale as accurate as possible. You should also make sure the scale is powered by quality batteries which can serve the backlit LCD screen. If you need a simple and accurate scale that looks great, Innotech’s design might prove to be the right option.

Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale Review
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