ONNIT Powerfood Active Daily Drink Mix Review

When you have an active lifestyle, the right nutrition is always the base for your performance. This is why supplementation can be of the practical solutions to ensure you get the nutrient your body needs every day.  For this reason we take a look at the new ONNIT Powerfood Active daily drink mix.

What to consider before purchasing a daily drink mix supplement?

When you try to purchase a nutritious supplement, there are two main directions you need to follow. Ingredient quality and ingredient quantity will prove essential. Thus, ingredients such as protein and carbohydrates need to be of the highest quality as is the case with fiber. Quantity per serving is also important. If you are looking to lose weight, a lower quantity of carbohydrates can be indicated. If you are looking to gain weight a higher amount of protein can be recommended.

ONNIT Powerfood Active Daily Drink Mix nutrition

The nutrition of the mix recommends it for a vegan supplementation. Made from high-quality ingredients such as brown rice, organic hemp and peas, the mix will prove to be one of the best additions for your daily requirements. It must be said that these ingredients will not be able to replace actual food and as any supplement, they should come in addition to an already balanced diet. This means that if your diet is on point, the mix can add that little extra value which will trigger a healthier body.

Each serving of the mix comes with 5 grams of vegan protein, 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of fat. With Maca and Cocoa extracts, it will also come with a small energy boost. Most importantly, each serving comes with only 60 calories. This makes it a good option for people who are aiming to lose weight or who want extra muscle definition. Since it is not rich in carbohydrates, the mix will not be a good option when aiming to put on weight, but it might be a good source of extra nutrients every day.

A simple way to use it is to mix it with water or milk. You can also add it to various delicious treats according to your goals. Although you may not expect it to do miracles in terms of health, it can be a good addition if you are lacking some nutrients in your diet.

Compare to the ONNIT Recovery Protein, it will be lower in calories and will represent a better option for the general population. The Recovery Protein comes with 160 calories and represents one of the options which can be considered when you come after an intense workout. With a higher amount of protein, the Recovery Protein mix will prove to be aimed at muscle recovery for athletes or those who train at the gym.

The ONNIT Powerfood Active Daily Drink Mix represents one of the top options when you need to perform at optimum standard with your daily activities. Although it is not formulated specifically for athletes, it can be a good solution to balance your daily nutrition.

ONNIT Powerfood Active Daily Drink Mix Review
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