Polar Balance Weight Management Service Review

The Polar Balance Weight Management Service is a comprehensive system which aims to improve your fitness level. It all starts with weighing yourself and this is where you can take the opportunity to synchronize your goals with the dedicated smartphone app. The app is also capable of making a recommendation based on the measurements which will see you increase or decrease your daily activity levels.

What to look for in a weight management services?

It is very important to know where to start. Thus, finding the best weight management service might prove to be more complicated than you may expect. This is why it is important to know that you may not need the service yourself unless you are truly motivated to reach a specific fitness target. Thus, you will be able to reach your fitness goals with the dedicated app which will make recommendations as you go.


The scale is the most important element of a weight management service. Smart scales connect wirelessly to your smartphone for data updates. They might also come with body bat analysis which recommends them among the top options on the market for a precise approach to weight loss or weight gain.

Smartphone connectivity

Having all this data is great, but having it accessible can truly make the difference. This is why you want to able to track your fitness journey and having data synchronized directly on your smartphone is essential.


Recommendations are essential when you push for the fittest body. According to characteristics such as height and age, the app will be able to recommend you certain lifestyle changes, specifically with the activity levels.

Polar Balance Weight Management Service in your life

The system is here to meet the needs of the user who simply don’t know how to maximize the potential of a smart scale. Even more, you will be able to integrate a smartwatch into the service. The bad news is that you will need to purchase it separately. Thus, the system can only be as effective as your efforts. It will not do wonders for your health, but it will be a good tool when you need to push for an extra effort and when you start working on the finer details of your fitness level.

Compared to other systems or other smart scales which come with smartphone integration, such as the Nokia Body+, it comes with the clear aim to improve your physical activity. Furthermore, it will prove to be easy to use but at the same time confusing for the new user who is not accustomed to the terminology in the health industry and the complexity of the elements which come in place when it comes to your overall fitness level. This is why the system is recommended for the dedicate gym goers or for active people who practice sports. This way, you will build on a lifestyle you already have and you will thus maximize your potential with a more mathematical approach.

Polar Balance Weight Management Service Review
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