ONNIT Hans Solo Yoga Mat

One of the things that seem to be the hallmark of yoga is a good yoga mat. Granted that you only need yourself to go along with it, but did you know that a good quality mat comes with plenty of benefits? Of the most discussed topics among practitioners is how to get the ideal yoga mat.

You might wonder where the name came from. It’s kind of cool huh. Well, the ONNIT Han Solo Yoga Mat comes with a picture of the star wars character Han Solo. It also has plenty of features that combine to make it one of the best Yoga mats out there. Such includes a thickness of 5 mm, non slip surface which also serves to wick moisture and is made from a durable polyurethane rubber.

Literally the coolest guy in the galaxy, frozen forever on a yoga mat. Introducing the Han Solo Yoga Mat by @Onnit. Pre-order now!


  • Width of 650 mm
  • Length of 1800mm
  • Thickness of 5 mm


  • Reversible yoga mat
  • Moisture wicking capability
  • Made from polyurethane rubber

That’s not the half of it though. Let’s consider a few benefits of the Onnit Star wars Han Solo yoga mat.

If you are simply beginning yoga or if you find yourself spending a lot of hours on the asanas the Onnit Star wars Han solo yoga mat will serve you well. Some of the benefits include:

Highly Comfortable

When starting out yoga, all the poses and stretches that you will have to do can cause serious strain on a body that may be otherwise be used to a sedentary lifestyle. It’s not surprising to come out with joint aches and pains.  The Onnit star wars Han solo yoga mat with its 5mm thickness provides you with the cushioning you need to make your yoga sessions more comfortable.


When maintaining the asanas, you need a strong and solid surface that does not shift. The Onnit star wars Han Solo yoga mat provides you with just this thanks to the polyurethane rubber construction. You get just the right level of stickiness to assist you in making the right postures.

Keeps You Safe

By this we mean that you remain on your feet. The Onnit Star Wars Han solo yoga mat comes with a non-slip surface providing you with the grip you need to perform your poses without worry of slipping and hurting yourself.

And if you are concerned about the sweat that could contribute to you slipping, then you will be pleased to know of the moisture wicking properties of the yoga mat. Moisture what? This means that sweat will simply get absorbed through the material allowing the surface to remain dry and offer you the grip you need.


  • Non slip surface
  • Provides great cushioning
  • Moisture wicking properties keeps your feet dry
  • High quality yoga mat


  • Price is a bit on the higher end


With the Onnit Star Wars Han Solo yoga mat, you get quality for the price. You are guaranteed of safety and comfort with a top notch design. An image of Han solo frozen in carbonite will remind you of your favorite star wars character, I mean who doesn’t love Han Solo?

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ONNIT Star Wars Han Solo Yoga Mat Review
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