Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale Review

You can’t deny the fact that health is more important than anything. It is popularly said that health is wealth. Monitoring your body and its activities can help you prevent many ailments. With the development of technology, monitoring your health has gotten even better and very convenient. The Omron Scale is an awesome device designed to give you a better picture of your body with its 7 indicators. This device gives wide varieties of readings using bioelectrical impedance, so you don’t have to deal with your body weight alone. It can keep track of your BMI, fats, muscles, calories burnt and visceral fat (around the belly). These information gotten can be stored up to six months for references as you advance in your fitness journey.  The Body Composition Scale comes in two options.  We will take a look at both below:

Omron HBF 516b

Omron Body Composition Monitor With ScaleThis model is the best model out of the two and the model that we would most recommend purchasing because it comes with TWICE the amount of memory for this Omron Full Body Sensor.  Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the HBF 516b

  • Monitor and Measure up to 7 different indicators
  • Method of Measuring – Bioelectrical Impedance
  • 330 lb capacity
  • Four profile settings
  • HUGE 180-day memory
  • Accommodates users up to almost 6’7″

Omron weight scale

Omron HBF 514c

Omron HBF 514c Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor and Scale

This model of the Omron Body Fat Scale is the less expensive out of the two versions.  The only difference between this model and the HBF 516b is that this model only comes with a 90-day memory in comparison to the 180-day.  The other key features are the same:

  • 7 indicators – Body Fat %, Weight, BMI, Age of Body, Skeletal Muscle, metabolism at your resting state and fat of the visceral variety
  • Bioelectrical Impedance
  • Capacity of 330 pounds
  • 4 individual profiles stored so it can be shared with the family or other loved ones
  • 6’7″ tall peeps are good to go and able to use the handheld portion of the unit

Omron Full Body Sensor

With the Omron Body Composition Scale, you don’t need to have every piece of equipment to take every reading that this unit is capable of measuring. With just one sophisticated monitor as this, you can get a wide range of readings from your hands to feet with high degree of accuracy.

Unlike other health monitors that requires a doctor’s advice, the Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale can be used personally by following details and directions on the manual.

The Omron Body composition Monitor features a visceral fat indicator which is a feature that detects fats in the abdomen. This can save a person from risk of second type diabetes and heart disease. This makes this device highly recommendable for people suffering from high cholesterol.

It also features a wide screen where all readings recorded are being displayed. It can save up to four user profiles and store up for up to six months. Basically most time when you diet, you are either losing water or muscle and not fat. It can be really difficult to accurately read and note your progress. But with this device, you can easily track fat, not water or muscle. It also gives an estimate of your age, so you can maintain your body so it doesn’t reflect your age. This, means you can actually lower your age so that friends would be eager to know your secret.

Typically, most of the readings made by the device could only be taken by a doctor, but If you could get all these benefits from a single and affordable equipment, then while waste your money, time and energy sitting in queue to see a doctor.

How to use the Omron HBF 514c and Omron HBF 516b

When using the Omron body fat scale, ensure you don’t touch the handles or hold anything on your hands because it won’t give an accurate reading. It is so sensitive in its readings.
If good health means so much to you, if accuracy makes sense to you, then investing in buying a Body Composition Monitor is a wise investment. Why buy just a regular old bathroom scale that can only measure weight when you can get the Omron body monitor for almost same price?

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