Tanita Ironman Scale Review

Tanita Ironman is designed to provide a compositional reading on your body fitness level and weight loss so that you can keep a close eye on it. It allows you to monitor the slightest changes (accuracy to around 50g increment) in your body, Tanita looks great and has a wonderful visual attraction.

Tanita IronmanThe important thing about your weight changes is not just for your weight to change but the stability of your general health. An ordinary weight scale cannot give you detailed information to determine your health status but with Tanita, you can get more information about your health. In fact, your body fat might reduce without your weight dropping, this is something an ordinary weight scale cannot tell you but with Tanita ironman body composition analyzer, you can notice these changes.

Tanita Body Composition

Tanita Ironman can only work when you stand on it just like other weight scales you know. Four AA batteries and a manual are included when you purchase it, the scale is modernly designed and also made of glass with silver accents. Tanita does not give just only your body weight, it also provides other readings which are shown on a 2.3 inch display screen that has backlights and these other readings it provides includes the  percentage of your body fat and water, physique rating, BMR (known as Basal Metabolic Rate), muscle and bone mass, visceral fat rating and so on. With Tanita, you can scroll to view previous results and it measures up to 330lb (or 150kgs) and it gives result to the nearest 0.2lb i.e. around 0.1kg for weight and about 0.1% for body fats.


The first thing to do after turning the power on is to input your personal information such as gender, age, and height. Tanita can only store information for just four people at a time. However, the machine comes with a guest mode which enables none registered users to determine their body measures for just once. After submitting your information, the next thing is to determine your measures. Determining your measures simply means using the Tanita technology to determine the fluid in your body comparably with your body weight, getting the weight of your body muscle and with BMR, you get to know the calories and energy you need when you are at rest (including sleeping) for your body to function accurately and effectively. The visceral fat reading tells you the amount of fat in your stomach region, the physique rating rates your body type on a scale (from 1 to 9) and the bone bass determines the weight of your bones.

After you have completed your measures, the next time you want to use Tanita ironman body composition analyzer, the only thing to do is to select your registered information and step on the machine. There is also an option where you can just determine just only the weight of your body.

With Tanita ironman body composition analyzer, you can easily determine any drastic change is your body and take an early precaution thereby preventing diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and other health diseases just by monitoring your health with Tanita.

Tanita Scale Accuracy

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Tanita Ironman Body Composition Analyzer Scale Review
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