The Beauty and Simplicity of WiFi Smart Scales

Stepping on a WIFI Scale takes a little bit of courage – courage to accept the truth and to act on it. And for someone who seriously wants to know and take the right action in order to stay fit and healthy, it’s important to have the proper tool that can quickly and accurately provide the necessary information that will serve as basis for setting and accomplishing a person’s fitness goals. One of these tools is a WiFi Smart Scale.  You will find a list of the Best WIFI Scale below.

#1 Best Seller – Fitbit Ariasmart scales WIFI Smart Scale

  • very accurate when tracking your body fat %, BMI and what you weigh
  • auto upload to site and produces easy to read graphs to track your progress
  • 8 total users are recognized
  • password-protected so you know your info is safe

best wifi scale

#2 – EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scaledigital scales app

  • reads your weight, body water percent, mass of your muscle, bone mass and body mass index once you step foot onto your scale
  • has automatic user recognition for a maximum of 8 users
  • display (with blue background) is large enough to make data analyzing a breeze
  • sleek and affordable

scale app for iphone

#3 – Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scalebluetooth weight scale

  • Has pads (feet) that will protect your floor from unintentional scratching
  • Compatible only with smartphones (sorry to all your flip phone users) and not other devices like the Fitbit
  • Affordable

bluetooth scales

#4 – Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzerdigital scale app for iphone

  • Automatically recognizes a maximum of 8 users
  • Data is recorded and sent to a website that is password protected and only able to be accessed by the users
  • has 4 sensors to ensure weight measurement are accurate
  • compatible with several apps and fitness trackers

bluetooth bathroom scale

#5 – Yunmai Bluetooth Smart Scale & Body Fat Monitorsmart weight

  • reads your weight, age of your body, Body Mass Index and your level of hydration
  • can store data of up to sixteen peeps and make weekly calculation of each user’s specific weight goals they set personally
  • has a circular display with backlighting, which makes it easy for users to read their data
  • with Bluetooth function and a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds

wifi scale review


#6 – Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scalesmart scale

  • provides great visuals
  • collects different data categories
  • the easily visible display is LCD
  • offered at entry-level price

bluetooth scale

Contrary to what most people feel about WIFI Scales, they are not meant to rob us of our self-confidence. They’re actually intended to help us assess the state of our health, monitor our progress towards attaining our fitness goals, and determine what type of diet and workout program is appropriate for us or if we need to change our current program so we can be healthy and confident. So instead of running away from the WIFI Weight Scale, start treating it as a friend.

wifi scaleLined up here are some of the best Smart Scale that have received positive reviews from their users. Read on and see if there’s one that speaks to you and can possibly be your new best fitness pal. But first, let’s take a look at what makes this type of Bluetooth Scale a pretty awesome fitness tool.

As with any other traditional and modern weighing scales, and depending on the type, a Smart Scale lets you measure your weight and other physical data such as your body mass index, muscle density, and water weight, among others. The difference is that this type of WIFI Scale works with mobile applications and other software packages you can find online. By syncing your data to the dashboard of a particular app or a fitness tracker, you’ll be able to come up with a diet and workout plan that you can customize and tailor to your personal needs and preferences so you can reach your short term and long-term fitness training goals and go forward with your journey to better health in the most effective and efficient way possible.

While this type of WIFI Scale takes a somehow different approach to how we collect, record and utilize information that’s relevant to our health and fitness goals, it also works in a way that’s very familiar to most of us. Using your home’s Wi-Fi signals, the Smart Weight Scale connects to the Internet and transfers to your chosen app or fitness tracker the data generated by the scale once you first step foot on it. As such, you’re able to get up to the second tracking and processing of the wellness data so you can quickly and conveniently monitor your progress and identify habits and lifestyle practices that cause your data to shoot up.

wireless scaleTools are meant to simplify our tasks and that’s exactly what WiFi smart scales are able to do for its users. It makes tracking your fitness data practically convenient and easily accessible so you can have better control over your lifestyle habits anytime, anywhere. It also gives you fast and accurate basis for making necessary and appropriate adjustments to your training program or exercise routine in terms of type, duration, and intensity or resistance level.

With an accurate, fast, affordable and convenient way to monitor and manage your fitness data, you’ll definitely be able to maximize the time, effort and resources you put into your workout program. That way, you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals safe and fast.

Information on your weight, BMI, lean mass, and bodyfat %, collected from your Wi-Fi scale may also converted into colorful graphical representations and tables that present an easy and simple way to read, analyze and interpret your fitness data and trend. This also lets you monitor your progress at a glance and without difficulty.

If you’re not the only one in your household who finally made a decision to embark on a journey to health and fitness, you can have only one Wi-Fi smart scale and still have an organized way of collecting and tracking the fitness data of every user in your home. That’s because some WiFi scales have the capacity to manage multiple accounts so the fitness data of up to around 8 different users in a household can be individually taken and stored and be transferred to the fitness app or tracker used by each individual. Simply connect the scale to the Internet through a local Wi-Fi connection and setup the wireless process to automatically sync each user’s data to their mobile app or fitness tracker.

Let’s now look at the features of some of the WiFi Scale that garnered high ratings and positive feedback from their users.

Individuals have different fitness needs, and to be sure you’ll get the WiFi scale that’s suited for you, check not only its features but also how the scale will perform under certain conditions.


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