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I am a kind of fitness freak person. I remember when I used to play soccer at my school and college, my only concern was to enhance my soccer skills. At that time, I did not bother about how much calories I have burned and what my weight was. It has been more than 5 years; I have left my game and now sitting in front of a computer for than half a day has popped out my belly fat. When I checked my weight, I was shocked to see my weight at that time. For me, it was really a big serious reason to hit the gym. I am a tech-obsessed person, and I was looking for a smart scale that can assess the changes in my body. I came to know about Fitbit Aria Smart scale.

Fitbit Aria

I went with Fitbit Aria smart scale. Now, let me tell you about what it actually offers. First, it has an amazing design. The scale has 31.2 cm dimension with 3.3 cm and weighs only 1.93kgs, for me, it is very light. It requires only 1.5V AAA batteries and they are included in Aria Fitbitthe Aria scale. It really helped to measure my body weight, composition, and BMI. All measurement is shown on its LCD display. It also shows body fat percentage. You can adjust its measurement in pounds or kilograms. Weight ranges from 20 to 350 lbs on the scale. What makes it more striking is that FitBit Aria has memory storage that can store the details of 8 people at the same time. It also makes us synchronize our private information with Fitbit dashboard account. The best part is that it is water resistance.

Every morning when I Step on this scale all my stats get automatically uploaded to my Fitbit account. Even I have combined it with a Fitbit activity tracker app. I can track food input of mine. I really felt that it is a powerful weight management tool rather than an ordinary scale. It offers a method of manually entering workouts. It will send you notifications about your pending milestones and give you badges for your achieved goals.

I am highly impressed with Fitbit Aria WIFI Smart Scale. I don’t need to add my fitness data on the computer rather its Wi-Fi technology do it all for me. It records all my progress automatically and I can access it anywhere anytime. For me, it is one of the best and advanced smart scales till date.

If you are a fitness freak and looking for smart scale, then make your investment on Fitbit Aria smart scale. You can check your daily progress in pictorially on graphs and charts. Even it also records daily or weekly activity. You can also take control of your body and see the general trends of your routine. I feel more motivated to my results and keep working on my body. I am highly impressed with Fitbit Aria WIFI Smart Scale.

Fitbit Scale Review

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Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale Review
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