garmin index smart scale reviewHow the Garmin Smart Scale Can Help You

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, there are important things you’ll need to do so that the time, money, and effort you invest in your training or diet program won’t go to waste. Knowing your baseline or your current fitness status as well as setting your fitness targets, tracking your progress, and adjusting your training or diet program according to your needs will help you attain your health and fitness objectives safely, effectively and efficiently.  We take a look why you need a Garmin Index Smart Scale in your life.
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Some of the fitness indicators you’ll need to monitor if you’re really serious about getting fit and healthy and keeping your body that way includes body fat, muscle mass, bone mass as well as your BMI and water percentage. This is how the Garmin Index Smart Scale can come in handy. Designed to accurately measure such vital fitness indicators, this tool, which you can use at the comfort of your own home, offers just a convenient but a comprehensive way of tracking your fitness status and progress. Your friends or other members of your households can also benefit from it.

Different people with different lifestyles and fitness, training or diet goals can make great use of this scale with its wide range of metrics. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who’s into bodybuilding or weightlifting or you simply want to shed some pounds and be enthusiastic about starting a healthy lifestyle and keeping your body fit, the Garmin Index Smart Scale would prove to be a good investment promising some good returns.
garmin index smart scale

Apart from measuring your fitness indicators, this scale also allows you to share, transfer, and analyze your workout data through the Internet and your computer or compatible mobile devices so you can track and understand them quickly and conveniently.

With its built-in WiFi function, you can easily sync, store, access and process your data online through downloadable or built-in apps, which you may purchase or avail for free. With it, you’ll easily know how far or close you are to your fitness goals and so have less reason not to stick to your diet or training program.

Apart from its wide range of metrics, and its WiFi functionality, the Garmin Index Smart Scale also has multiple users function and can store data of a maximum of 16 users. The scale would automatically detect and access a particular user’s profile the moment he or she steps on it so you won’t have a hard time sorting your data from those of other users.

Setting it up would require you to enter some information such as your height, age and sex.  If Wifi connection is not available, you can use its Bluetooth function to share and transfer your data to your computer or other compatible mobile device.

The scale weighs 2.8 kg, has a large LED screen so you can clearly view your data, a weight limit of 181kg, and runs on four triple A batteries, which can last up to 8 months of use.

Garmin Index Smart Scale Review
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