Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Review

The Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale comes with a modern black design. It is recommended for most households and even for commercial use since it also comes with some interesting advanced features. One of the most interesting features of the scale comes with its connectivity. You can connect the scale to any smartphone or computer with Bluetooth technology to synchronize the measurements and even use them in various fitness apps that can help you achieve your personal goals.

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  • Instant Bluetooth connectivity
  • Measures weight, body fat, muscle mass and body water
  • Goal setting feature


  • Some of the native smartphone apps need improvement


The scale performs very well in some crucial areas like measurements, design and even connectivity. Of course, if you are considering purchasing the scale you are placing an important role on connectivity. This is why you should make the most of the integrated Bluetooth technology. You can synchronize the readings with some native apps. But you can also add additional apps which can help you reach your fitness goals.

One of the interesting features of the scale comes with the goal setting feature. According to your fitness goal, it will help you track your weight and daily calories so you will be better prepared to reach your goals faster.

If you are looking to lose body weight, you can use the fat measurement function. This will give you the percentage of body fat and can help you adjust your caloric intake and physical routines for optimum performance.

The water readings can so help you prevent any water retention problems. But it can also help you eliminate excess water by giving you an accurate record of your own progress.

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The scale comes with a modern design which is perfect for most situations. You can use it at home, in the bathroom. But you could also use it in a commercial environment which can be based on the modern design and good durability. With a user weight capacity of up to 400lbs, it can represent one of the best options for multiple users. This is why it can be a good purchase for the whole family as it can so measure a wide variety of health indicators.

The Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale is one of the most advanced devices in this range. With an affordable price, the scale represents a solid option for the users looking to monitor complex health indicators. It will work best for the dedicated user who understands the relationship between the caloric intake and scale measurements. The users who have an active lifestyle and who are concentrating on physical progress will see the most use with the scale.

With a modern design and all the major advanced features you need, the scale can represent the solution for keeping track of your fitness progress. With quality batteries, you will be able to monitor essential health indicators every day both for you and for other family members.

Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Review
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