USA Olympic Weightlifter 100% Vegan Diet – Find Out What He Eats

When you look at the rock solid bodies of weightlifters, you will invariably think that they eat large amounts of meat every day. This is something quite common for you to think, since non-vegetarian diets are always associated with muscle building due to their high protein contents. However, in this year’s Rio Olympics, USA has just a single male weightlifter, who also happens to be a 100% Vegan and on the Vegan Diet Plan. Surprised are you? Kendrick Farris is a 30 year old weightlifter from the town of Shreveport, Louisiana. It is said that he became a complete Vegan from the year 2014. By then, he was already 6 years into his career as a weightlifter.  Let’s take a look at What Do Vegans Eat.

A Bit about Kendrick Farris

Since the time Kendrick changed over to a complete vegan, he increased his weight class. He also set a new American weightlifting record at the 2016 Olympics Trials by lifting 800 pounds. Kendrick Farris has stated that his change from a non-vegan to a Vegan Diet Plan was not a step towards increasing his training. According to a statement from Farris, his decision to shift to a Vegetarian Meal Plan was decided after his son was born in the month of September 2014. He said he felt something from deep inside which made his shift to a vegan diet.

According to Kendrick Farris’s wife, she felt a bit skeptical at first about the shift in diet. However, after 2 years she thinks her husband has changed and become much better after the switch in eating habits. She has also discussed her husband’s eating habits during the day.

Kendrick Farris’s Food Habits

Vegan Diet Weight LossAccording to Farris’s wife, Kendrick has plenty of oats of vegan pancakes for breakfast. This is followed by protein shake as his mid-day snack. If you speak about lunch, then it includes black bean chips and guacamole post workout, before which he has avocado quesadillas. For dinner a greater amount of black bean quesadillas are consumed.

Katrina, Kendrick Farris’s wife also stated that she does not spend the entire day going through vegan recipe books and blogs. All she does is adapt meat based recipes to vegan meals. However, she did mention that she prefers to include plant based cheese and beans as substitutes.

Most of you may think that vegan food habits may not work out for professional body builders or athletes. On the contrary, if you have proper vegan meals at regular intervals, you can easily get the same results which are usually associated with non-veg meals. It may be possible that you may not know much about vegan meals and benefits. In such cases, you may consult with an experienced dietician and also check online.

Many people, who are completely vegan, will be able to tell you that eating vegetables is a good way to stay light and healthy. Although eating meats gives you proper amount of protein and vitamins to stay strong, such benefits can also be obtained from vegetables. After all, the animals, whose meats you eat, also sustain on vegetables and lead a happy life.

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