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Ordinary bathroom scales usually give you the weight of your body. Although this gives you an idea about your actual weight and how far you need to go in order to get back in shape, it does not give you the entire picture. In order to get a proper breakup of your total body weight, you also need to know about your total calorie intake, body muscle, body fat, body water, and bone mass. All this information can be obtained with the help of a Detecto Body Fat Scale. There are several scales, available in the market, which fall in this category. However, not all can provide you with accurate information.  We will take a look at 2 models in this Detecto Body Fat Scale Review. A side-by-side comparison is below.


Weight Analysis
Body Fat Analysis
Body Water Analysis
Body Muscle Analysis
Bone Mass Analysis
Calorie Intake
Number of Users
Max Weight

Detecto Body Fat Scale Detecto D220

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight Analysis: 🗸
Body Fat Analysis: 🗸
Body Water Analysis: 🗸
Body Muscle Analysis: 🗸
Number of Users: 12
Warranty: Lifetime
Max Weight: 330 lbs

detecto digital scale Detecto Glass

Material: Glass
Weight Analysis: 🗸
Body Fat Analysis: 🗸
Body Water Analysis: 🗸
Body Muscle Analysis: 🗸
Bone Mass Analysis: 🗸
Calorie Intake: 🗸
Number of Users: 12
Warranty: Lifetime
Max Weight: 330 lbs

Detecto Body Fat Scale

Based on the above comparison we would recommend the Detecto Body Fat Scale (Glass) Detecto Body Fat Scale Reviewdue to the increased features and lower price point.  We will look into this scale in more detail below.  A body fat scale can help to calculate the BMI or body mass index of yourself. This is basically the ratio of your weight to your height. Out of several popular brands available in the market, one of the highly popular ones is Detecto Body Fat Scale. There are several features of the product, which have helped to popularize the product. Some of these features are discussed below.

Detecto Bathroom Scales

  1. The Detecto Bathroom Scales provides a 6 in 1 complete analysis of your body in terms of body muscle, calorie intake, body weight, body water, bone mass, and body fat.
  2. It is usually imported and comes with a 1.4 inch clear LCD display where your body analysis will be displayed.
  3. Designed quite elegantly, it is made with tempered glass and sustain a maximum weight of 330 pounds.
  4. All your family members can use the same machine. It can accommodate a maximum of 12 users and maintain a maximum data for 12 people.
  5. The Detecto Body Fat Scale comes with overload and low battery indicators.

Benefits of Using a Detecto Body Fat Scale

Most of you may think that using a simple body weight scale or bathroom scale should be enough for you. On the contrary, using a body fat scale will be quite beneficial for you in several ways. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Pocket Friendly: If you have to check the different aspects of your body, such as body water, body muscle, and bone mass, you may have to spend quite a large sum of money. At the same time, if you buy a body fat scale for your personal use at home, you can easily save a lot of money. These are quite affordable and convenient.
  • Use It Any Time: It is needless to say that if you have your very own body fat scale, then you can easily use it as and when you want. No need to wait for your next appointment with your family doctor.

There are several other benefits of using a body fat scale. If you are also planning to buy one, better choose a reliable and durable scale such as the Detecto Body Fat Scale. Once you invest your money on such a product, it will prove to be a good investment for you in the long run.  While they do not get the best reviews they still provide great value at their price point compared to higher priced competitors.

Detecto Digital Scales


Detecto Body Fat Scale Review
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