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Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review


Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

The Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is one of the affordable options for you basic body indicators. The scale differentiates itself with the conductive glass technology which means you won’t need to look for metal electrodes anymore. This technology can also play a design role if you are looking to place the scale in a high traffic area in your home. The device is capable of offering complete readings which include body fat analysis, muscle mass and bone mass fitness tracking. In terms of connectivity and data transfer, the scale uses the Bluetooth technology.


  • Modern design
  • No visible electrodes
  • Complete body analysis


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity


The scale is among the recommended options when you plan to purchase your first device. It comes with everything you need to monitor the fitness of your body. Although the indicators by themselves can need further interpretation, they can offer a better perspective on your health when combine. For example, you can monitor body fat levels with muscle mass level to see how the ratio evolves in time. This can be one of the best methods of keeping track of your fitness efforts.

As you progress with your fitness goals either by losing body fat or by gaining muscle size, you’ll want to make sure you drink plenty of water. This is where the body water readings of the scale can help you find the right hydration level for your body. Even more, you will also get to see the density of your bones and this can help you prevent future problems by adjusting your diet and exercise schedule.


The design of the scale is modern and impresses by simplicity. This simplicity is based on the conductive glass surface of the scale. Practically, you don’t get the classic visible electrodes of the scale as with many other options. For some users, this small design change can be a great benefit if they are trying to use the scale in a similarly-designed room. With a modern display and a wireless connectivity, the scale is up to date in terms of design as well. The scale lacks Wi-Fi connectivity which is offered with some other high-end devices but is still capable of connecting to your smartphone wirelessly. It does this using the Bluetooth technology.

The Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale represents one of the most interesting options in this segment. With an affordable price, you will get a scale that is capable of monitoring all essential body fitness indicators which include body fat, muscle mass, BMI and visceral fat. Even more, the scale comes with a modern design which will fit any modern environment. It stands out with the lack of visible electrodes as it comes with a conductive glass surface. The scale can thus represent a good choice for the users who need to improve their physical condition but who also need a modern device which looks good in any room and which can also wirelessly connect to any smartphone.

Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review
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