SNUUG Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

The SNUUG Bluetooth Body Fat Scale comes with an affordable price and precise readings. The scale is capable of offering readings with a precision within 0.2lbs. The great news is that it is capable of delivering 8 readings on some essential body fitness indicators such as body fat, muscle mass, BMI, BMR or visceral fat. The scale also comes with a modern design which is based on the 4 electrodes and Bluetooth connectivity as its name suggests. You’ll thus be able to transfer the data to your smartphone for a more accurate perspective and progress tracking purposes.


  • 8 body fitness readings
  • 2lbs precision
  • Modern design
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity


The performance of the scale is based on the fact that it manages to offer 8 readings of essential body fitness indicators. Beyond the BMR and BMI readings, the scale is also capable of measuring visceral fat. Visceral fat represents the fat around the waist and can be one of the biggest problems when you are trying to lose weight. This is due to the fact that visceral fat gets burnt the latest in the body but it can also be associated with higher risk of diseases, especially in men.

The body fat scale also offers readings on muscle mass. Measuring muscle mass is not necessary for all people, but it can be a great indicator as you progress in your fitness journey. It can also be a good reading to make as you age as people tend to lose muscle mass with age. This is why it can even help you organize an exercise routine to diminish the effects of aging on muscle mass.


The design of the scale comes with a modern approach. The 4 electrodes are visible on the contact surface and they will send a low-impact electric current through your body. This current will make a reading within 5 seconds. This is both fast and accurate as you can expect results within 0.2lbs precision. The good news is that with a modern LED display, the scale will also look great in any room of the house. For the best results, you should try to keep the scale in the same conditions or in the same location.

The SNUUG Bluetooth Body Fat Scale represents one of the most interesting options for users who need to have a complex approach to body fitness readings. It manages to offer 8 essential readings and can thus be more than enough for most home users. But the scale also comes with a modern design and is up to date with data transfer to mobile devices such as smartphones. This can be achieved using the Bluetooth technology. The scale can also offer good results if you plan to use it for specific fitness targets. As it comes with an impressive accuracy within the 0.2lbs mark, it can thus represent a good purchase for any people looking to reach a certain fitness level.

SNUUG Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review
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