Taylor Glass Body Composition Scale Review

The Taylor Glass Body Composition Scale comes with a simple yet modern design. The scale can be used in most households as it can support users of up to 180kg. This means the device can be used with all family members and it can represent the best solution for easy tracking of essential health indicators.

The scale is capable of reading your weight but it can also estimate your body fat, body water and bmi. With a large LCD display and 4 user profiles which can be saved, the scale can be considered a good alternative from the basic classic option.

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  • Large LCD display
  • 4 user profiles which can be saved
  • Estimates body fat, body water and bmi


  • Needs perfectly flat surface


The scale comes with some features which might make some users upgrade from the classic alternative. If you need more than simple weight measurements, you will find the scale is well capable of delivering a digital experience for the whole family. You can expect a good weight capacity of up to 400lbs. This recommends the scale for most households and can be also considered for some small commercial environments.

If you are serious about your health, you know the importance of maintaining a balanced body fat. Although the scale cannot provide precise readings, it can estimate your levels which might be enough to help you prevent serious issues.

The scale also comes with 4 user profiles which can be used to save data for your family members. This way, you will get to see some of the most interesting health characteristics and monitor them to see how you progress in time. With a function or 4 users, you have the possibility of also using the scale in a small gym or health center.


With a modern and minimalistic design, the scale represents one of the best options for most households. One of the interesting features of the scale is that it comes with a pale color which can work on any kind of room. You will need a flat surface, however, to get accurate results.

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The Taylor Glass Body Composition Scale comes with a simplistic approach to a traditional scale from a digital perspective. It can be an option if you are looking for a step above the classic scale and if you need a digital alternative. Although the scale doesn`t provide accurate readings on body fat and body water, it can estimate the levels for up to 4 users. This can be a good feature if you are looking to get a general idea for the basic health indicators such as body fat and water levels. You can get a better understanding of the direction your body is going in and you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly. You may need to eat healthier and exercise every day. Thus, the scale represents a good option for those users looking for the next step from the classic scale but don`t need the precise readings of the premium models.

Taylor Glass Body Composition Scale Review
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